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The Significance Of Audio Branding & Music In Marketing Videos

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14 NOV 2020

The Significance Of Audio Branding & Music In Marketing Videos?

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When it comes to eliciting the right emotions amongst audiences of a marketing video, getting the music for the video right is paramount. Great music to go along with high-quality visual content not only affects but also amplifies human sentiments.....

In order for a marketing video to have the intended effect on audiences, it is imperative that the music in the video complement the message being conveyed. Audio is a critical aspect because it sets the general tone of the entire video. As part of his 1989 research study titled 'Music in Advertising: An Analytic Paradigm', David Huron, a distinguished Canadian Arts & Humanities Professor, found that out of the 60 billion hours of broadcast advertising footage that was analyzed, as much as three-fourths made use of music in some form or another. This blog is written with the aim of offering readers a fair idea of why music is such a vital element of making marketing and advertising videos, as well as how they should go about selecting the best music for a particular video marketing campaign..

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Why Is It Crucial To Pay Attention To Music In A Marketing Video

In order to be able to completely grasp the role of music in conjunction with the moving image, one needs to think back to the time of silent films. Filmmakers and storytellers managed to narrate gripping tales but without any dialogue and music to help better convey emotions such as enthusiasm, excitement, or sadness.

Although during this time a few films did have live music accompaniments only in theaters, by a pianist or an entire orchestra, it wasn't until much later that movies began to have their own soundtracks, which played a major role in the storytelling process.

While being authentic is admirable, marketers should also be careful not to lose their voice. The key is to blend in ingenuity in the way that the USPs of a product/service, or a brand's values are relayed, and not to adopt invent USPs, or adopt inauthentic brand values.

● Stimulating & Exciting

Videos have a reliable reputation as a visual medium, but a brief look at the history of silent films reveals that we are also audibly influenced by films. Music pulls on heartstrings, making moving images more romantic, artistic, or engaging, offering greater dynamism and character to otherwise bland visual content. I have found that tempo, harmony, volume, and the choice of musical instruments all play an essential role in music for videos. According to a study carried out by Neilson back in 2015, it was determined that when it came to the transport of emotions, creativity, empathy, and information, marketing videos with music achieved far higher 'creative evaluation' scores than videos without any music.

Determining what the duration of an explainer video should be exactly should be on factors including the sort of products/services that the video intends to promote, the target demographic, and the intricacy of the product/service or the brand's communication. Those who find it tough to make a decision and come to a conclusion about exactly how long their explainer video should last for, the minute and a half mark is worth aiming for. Adjustments can be made anytime after reviewing the finished video. Points that have been missed out can be added, and those things that seem redundant or unnecessary can be cut back. Constant reviewing and refining, in fact, are crucial to the explainer video production process. It is easy to determine exactly how long an explainer video for a given brand should last, after taking into consideration the effectiveness of past videos and the response of the target demographic.

● Music & Messaging Go Hand In Hand

Motivating the target demographic of a marketing video can be easily achieved by picking the aptest music for the intended audience. However, this doesn't necessarily imply adding the sort of music that the target demographic will definitely be expecting; instead, it has to do with doing something unique and employing interesting musical interventions. One can either underline the message with the sung lyrics or have an entirely original song written for a product or service. Using music to create little surprises like making the audience laugh and evening spurring action will boost engagement. To achieve all this, video marketers either need to read carefully or work with an audio expert.

● Makes For Great Memories

Unique ad jingles make for unique tunes that people associate with brands. An ad with a great, catchy jingle will stay in the mind of audiences and elicit the memory of the brand whenever they think of the tune or hear something that is even remotely alike. This is precisely why a lot of brands spend heavily just on getting unique and catchy jingles written, composed, and recorded for them, with the goal of getting their customers or potential customers to think directly of them when they hear a particular melody.

● Audio Branding

Another advantage is that the soundtrack a brand chooses to accompany their marketing video helps in emphasizing who they are as a brand. Irrespective of whether it's instrumental or sung music, a simple melody, or an opulent orchestral work, the brand's target audience will directly associate them with the tune. Companies that are young startups with smart processes and quick decisions make use of songs by on-the-rise underground (or indie as they are popularly referred to) bands. On the other hand, brands whose target demographic is comprised mostly of older people and wish to use nostalgic memories to persuade them to buy a particular product use pop songs or melodies that remind the target group of young people. Most companies resort to classic and simplistic melodies that are more generic in nature, such as a simple piano tune or a classical piece, to convince clients that they're serious about what they do and have to offer.

● Ensures The Smooth Flow Of The Message

The tempo and speed of a song determine the rhythm of the clips throughout the video. The rhythm of the music should match the emotion and the message you are trying to convey. Brands that are known for their great advertisements meticulously choose tunes that match the beat of the selection of shots in their videos. For instance, they use slow-paced music to add suspense, drama, and evoke thought, as these shots can be longer, and the accompanying music builds curiosity.

How To Go About Choosing The Right Music For A Video

● Striking The Right Chord

Many marketers plan their video in detail, maybe even write a storyboard, but they fail to think about the music that will be accompanying their message. This is even more crucial in the case of a video that has scenes without any dialogues or narration whatsoever.

● Sticking To A Genre Or Two

Another important factor in getting the music for advertisement and promotional videos right is going overboard with the music. Marketers can explore creating different moods with short melodies or volume fluctuations. Some marketers tend to mix different styles of music in a video. However, sticking to a single genre or two closely-related genres (such as Country & Folk) at the most is highly advised. Otherwise, the music becomes so prominent that the viewer fails to notice the product or pay attention to the message.

● Using The Content (Both Visual & Textual) As Context

This point is particularly important, but at the same time also quite demanding. Why? Simply because it is natural to think about the music while editing the video. So it's beneficial in cases where an idea for each scene of the video already exists to begin thinking about the best possible music to fit each of these ideas. Marketers need to watch the edited video several times and experiment with different music for each scene. This is the only way to judge the coherence of the music with the content. A good way to gauge what sort of music works best is to check out other successful advertising videos in the same niche and gain an understanding of the kind of music utilized in these ads.

● Picking Music That Appeals To The Target Demographic

It is important for marketers not to make the mistake of letting their own personal music taste and preferences take precedence when choosing music for their videos. Analyzing what the target demographic is more likely to enjoy and be receptive to, and picking music accordingly, is way more important. Generally speaking, for younger audiences, it is better to go with a current, chart-topper, or something alike (depending on your budget), reaching out to international audiences, however, poses the challenge of language barriers. In such a case opting for an English song or an instrumental tune is the best resort. In some cases, though, the music for an advertising video is so captivating that even a foreign language song for a product or service enthralls global audiences.

● Planning Well Ahead

Once the creative ideas for an upcoming marketing video campaign have been planned out, it is important to set aside some time to pick the right music to accompany the visual content. Trimming audio and visual elements can be pretty time consuming, which is why it is important not to rush through the process but take it slow and get it right.

● Paying Careful Attention To Copyrights

Now that the significance of music in a marketing video has become obvious, there is one thing to pay attention to and take seriously before setting about downloading popular songs and integrating them into a suitable audio track of an upcoming marketing video - copyrights! Each time a piece of music is exploited, the songwriter is rewarded accordingly. In plain language, this means that one cannot use popular as they please as there are copyrights involved that make the piece of music the property of either the songwriter or a record label that the songwriter/band is signed to. Using a certain pop song multiple times in a promo video requires the purchasing of a license. With a license, brands can use the tune any way they like, without restrictions, but will have to be willing to spend anywhere from a few thousand to several thousand dollars just to purchase the license.

If you are hiring a band to compose your new jingle or a short song for your video, this is a good option to support young bands. But always make sure the band signs a contract allowing you to use their music.

● Making Sure Not To Overdo It

Music in a marketing video should be background sound, not a distraction. When it comes to video marketing, the selection of music will often serve as a vehicle for the messaging. Its purpose is to solely support the message, not to hinder it. Making sure to choose a song that won't be distracting or too loud for the viewer is paramount.

Nevertheless, there are times when the tune tells the story, rather than a narrator. In this case, the music will be in the foreground. This distinction has to be made early on in the creative process to avoid confusion.

You Get Everything From Stock Tunes To Original Compositions At Massive

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How does the Massive team manage to do this? While a crackerjack creative team with extraordinary storytelling, animation, editing, and conceptualizing skills helps immensely, another crucial reason for our consistent success is our team of music produces. Aside from having the knack for picking the best stock music and royalty-free tunes for a scene, our producers are also able to come up with highly captivating tunes and catchy melodies right from scratch in every genre of music imaginable.

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