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08 OCT 2020

Where Do Most Explainer Videos Falter?

By Admin

Marketing videos are an incredibly powerful tool that assist modern-day marketers in helping their campaigns pack a punch. Explainer videos are perhaps the most effective sort of marketing videos out there, widely recognized by marketers for their versatility and effectiveness. A well-designed and produced explainer video can work wonders when it comes to engaging audiences, introducing them to a product, or conveying distinct brand ideas. Explainer videos only take a few minutes to accomplish all these objectives....

Despite the effectiveness of explainer videos, a lot of marketers find them to be ineffective. This boils down to a couple of factors, which this article hopes to shed light on. These factors should offer you a perspective of the difference between a successful explainer video and an ineffective one, as well as how to go about choosing the right explainer video services firm for your brand. Gaining awareness of all these factors could be the difference in your explainer videos yielding the results that you yearn for them to..

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● Poor Storytelling

Although explainer videos are a vital marketing tool, they don't work in the traditional sense of marketing. They are meant to be indirect and convince audiences of the merits of a product, service, or brand via powerful communication that isn't too forward. Strong storytelling is at the root of every compelling explainer video. The communication of every explainer video should be aimed at offering audiences great solutions to the problems that a product or service hopes to resolve..

This requires careful attention to detail, a concrete understanding of the USPs of a product or service, comprehension of a brand's values and vision, knowledge of the target demographic, etc. All of these factors when weaved into a captivating narrative help immensely. The key is to completely and entirely enthrall audiences by the sheer ingenuity of the solutions offered by the video. Videos that are enlightening and offer audiences real solutions instead of simply pointing them to a product or service that needs to be purchased are guaranteed to work wonders..

While being authentic is admirable, marketers should also be careful not to lose their voice. The key is to blend in ingenuity in the way that the USPs of a product/service, or a brand's values are relayed, and not to adopt invent USPs, or adopt inauthentic brand values.

● Not Being Able To Decide On The Right Duration

Even if your target audience is not Millenials (who are increasingly being referred to as the ADD generation), it is important to note that the attention span of all demographics is quite short. That is why it is imperative for a video to get its message out in as little time as possible. It is important that explainer videos are designed in such a way that they set out to catch the attention of audiences and retain them right from the get-go because the chances of successfully doing so drop significantly as the video keeps progressing. The general consensus amongst experienced marketers who have executed successful video marketing campaigns is that in order for an explainer video to be effective, its duration should be around half a minute to two.

Determining what the duration of an explainer video should be exactly should be on factors including the sort of products/services that the video intends to promote, the target demographic, and the intricacy of the product/service or the brand's communication. Those who find it tough to make a decision and come to a conclusion about exactly how long their explainer video should last for, the minute and a half mark is worth aiming for. Adjustments can be made anytime after reviewing the finished video. Points that have been missed out can be added, and those things that seem redundant or unnecessary can be cut back. Constant reviewing and refining, in fact, are crucial to the explainer video production process. It is easy to determine exactly how long an explainer video for a given brand should last, after taking into consideration the effectiveness of past videos and the response of the target demographic.

● Failure To Grab Attention

It has been estimated that marketing videos only have about five to ten seconds to grab the attention of audiences. Failing to bring in the attention-grabbing headline, content, or catchphrase within this timeframe could result in the entire initiative being a complete waste of time. Videos that keep audiences waiting and in a state of suspense until the very ending (or even the middle of the video) don't do well. This again comes down to compelling storytelling, enthralling scripting, and stunning audiovisual content. The perfect blend of all these things is paramount to an explainer video's capability to pull in audiences and have them locked in until the very end.

● Overcomplicating Things

In the pursuit of sounding fancy and professional a lot of marketers lose the plot with their explainer videos by making their communication too complex. The entire point of an explainer video is to break down a complex concept for the average Joe. The best way to do this is to dumb down the communication as much as possible. Easy-to-understand alternatives to complex industry jargon help immensely in accomplishing this. The problem with this, however, is that it often takes more than just a couple of words to serve as an alternate for complex industry term, which ultimately results in the length of the video getting too long. The solution to this is to make use of visual cues that help audiences easily understand what a term exactly means. Another factor to remember is that it is not necessary that every single feature of a product or service be explained. It is vital to stick to those that are the most unique and set the product or service apart from that of competitor brands. Going into great detail about every one of these features is also not necessary. Keeping the audiences wanting more by offering them sneak peeks of every phenomenal and unique aspect of a product or service is the key.

● Not Focussing On The Target Demographic

With the existence of powerful market research, social media, data analysis, and big data tools, marketers today have the capacity to discover exactly who their demographic is, what their interests and likes are, and how to appeal to these interests. More than ever before, marketers are being able to micro tailor every marketing strategy and move, based on the insights that they glean from these tools. Explainer videos and other marketing videos are no different. Failing to take into account the likes, dislikes, and interests and incorporating them into the narrative of an explainer video could prove to be a complete waste of time and money. Tailoring each individual aspect of an explainer video ranging from the scripting, the tone of the storytelling, the audiovisual elements, etc, according to the gender, age, and preferences of the target demographic are paramount to the effectiveness of an explainer video. Explainer videos that are designed to appeal to a particular niche do way better than those that are based on a general template and do not take any of the above-mentioned insights into account.

● The Lack Of An Out-Of-The-Box & Ambitious Approach

Explainer videos that are produced merely for the sake of doing so never do well. They are just a matter of formality, where marketers don't really have any expectations, to begin with. Practicing such an approach is not only a complete waste of precious time and money but can also prove to be detrimental to a brand's image in the long run. Audiences who view these substandard videos are bound to have a bad perception of the brand as well as its products and services. In such cases, it is better to avoid venturing into video marketing strategies instead of executing poorly produced and lack-luster videos. A marketing team that does not possess the necessary expertise or exposure to executing successful video marketing campaigns should therefore strictly avoid venturing into this area, as they might be putting their brand's image in jeopardy of being associated with mediocrity. It is imperative that such teams seek professional assistance and expert by hiring a top-notch explainer video production firm that possesses the necessary experience and infrastructure to produce unique and captivating explainer videos.

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