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As a full-service video production studio, we're all about creating superior visual content that stands out from the clutter of the shoddy and off-putting visual media that is so pervasive today.

From the most ambitious of startups and SMBs to renowned Fortune 500s, we're a video production studio that has the technical know-how, infrastructure, and in-house artistic talent required to cater to an extensive range of business requirements, budgetary constraints, and marketing objectives.

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Turning your vision into reality.

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Our Offerings

Typifying Visual Ingenuity.

Industries we cater to

Our steadfast intention is to always be at our best, to make our client brands from different industries to achieve the impossible and surpass expectations!


If you're objective as a business is to put out video content that attracts the attention of your target audience,
to build your brand and secure revenue flow, then Massive Studios is your one-stop for all such needs.


Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can help any business looking to grow and build a solid customer base. They help explain who the people behind a brand are, what they offer, and what they stand for, thereby also promoting their business at the same time.


Factory Production Line Process Run-Throughs

The best way to go about winning bigger manufacturing contracts for your factory and acquiring new clients is to prove your reliability, consistency, and high-quality.


Educational Videos

An educational video isn't meant only to raise awareness of a particular product, service or entity, but to amplify and empower the existing understanding.


Instructional Videos

On the hunt for videos that familiarize your target audience, potential clients, existing customers or even employees within your organization, about your services & processes?


Commercial Ads

At Massive, we create commercials that are designed to accomplish more than just generating consciousness and buzz around your products/services. They also empower your brand image drastically!


Internal Videos

Do you want to secure consistency between the manner in which your workforce functions and the values/goals of your business? International videos are the best option.

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Our team here at Massive Studios would be more than delighted
to solve your queries and be of assistance to you.

Why Choose Us?

Aspirations is key to our success

Professionalism Beyond Compare

We at Massive Studios, consider creativity and the excellent standard of our services as our hallmarks. It is perpetually our intention to produce the most high-grade web designs, animated videos, etc while developing long-lasting, fruitful connections and securing the complete confidence of clients.

Quick To Comprehend Requirements & Aspirations

Our consultation approach is straightforward and with a few well-crafted queries, we can surmise exactly what the necessities of our clients are. This helps us in devising the most appropriate means of going about realizing these intentions. Our state-of-the-art tools and infrastructure help us offer clients a complete roster of professional creative services, conveniently and effortlessly.

Highly Experienced & Skilled Team Of Specialists

Massive only prefers working with and promoting the talent of truly creative and driven individuals who are all the best at what they do! As a client, you will gain the unwavering assistance of skilled designers, innovative animators, marketing experts, and others, through every step of your project.

The Most Bang For Your Buck

Every customer has a distinct budget and spending appetite. At Massive Studios, we work closely with clients, assisting them in effectively managing their budgets with resolute transparency and forthrightness.

Incredible capacity

At Massive, we thrive on taking up new challenges and solving them with an ease that blows the minds of our clients. Our steadfast intention is to always be at our best, to make our client brands achieve the impossible and surpass expectations!

Our artistic approach

Every one of our team members at Massive sees each of our clients' projects as an incredible opportunity to propel the brands reach using their expertise, technical prowess, and creativity! We formulate our artistic approach while carefully considering the marketing budget as we're not just imaginative, but productive too.

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learn more about our video production services

Our team here at Massive Studios would be more than delighted
to solve your queries and be of assistance to you.

What drives us is our genuine yearning for being called "the best in the business". Our world-class storytelling and creativity are what have our clients returning to us time and again.


Every video we churn out is completely different from the previous one.

Well Thought-Out

We don't just make videos for the sake of it!


We make sure that our animated videos are nothing short of breathtaking!

Our Process

Video Production Process


Gauging Your Requirements

We begin by gaining an idea of who you are as a business by getting to know your goals, aspirations, and objectives.
After gauging your exact requirements, we then go about devising a general outline that achieves your objectives and targets your audience in the most practical manner possible.



Delivering a message that is true to your brand values and conveys the benefits about your products/services in the most efficient way to your target audience is paramount.
This is why in this step, our team of experienced and skilled scriptwriters work on crafting a compelling scenario that satisfies every intention of your marketing strategy.


Storyboard & Sequence Compilation

A good marketing video ebbs and flows in the most delicate and seamless fashion without being too apparent.
Post scripting, our team focusses on devising the most ideal sequence of scenarios (character arcs, storylines, etc) that effortlessly carry the script right from start to finish.


Illustration Designing

Every marketing video worth its salt, contains visual and graphic aspects that are intended specially to grab the viewer's attention.
Our graphics team does utilizes the latest tools to notch up grahic elements that sing sophistication, while keeping you involved and informed every step of the way.


The Animation

Once the graphics, characters, and scripts have been agreed upon, we begin the process of animation.
To amplify the animation to the limits, our team also chooses the most appropriate sound textures, background music, and ambiance, that elevates the viewing experience, without hindering the delivery of your message.


Your All Set To Go!

That's it!
This is where you get to deploy your video and watch it work its magic on your target audience.

Strike up a conversation with us today. We'll sum up your requirement in a jiffy and let you know how we can get started with bringing your vision to life!


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Massive, we create videos for businesses that unite unique and original creative designs and aesthetics with top-notch communication approaches that help in getting the point across crisply and clearly. Every one of the videos that we create is intended to illuminate, instruct, and enhance the target audience's understanding of the product/service throughout the simplification of intricate processes, and the elimination of unnecessary semantics.

Our roster of clients consists of everybody from SMEs and Startups to Multinational Companies and Global Conglomerates. Massive isn't only about inventive ideas and elegant sketches. Our videos are designed to project your products and services in the best light possible, yielding tangible results that propel your business to the heights of success.

This is completely dependant on your requirements. While it does not take us long to conceive, conceptualize and create a video of great quality, we at Massive don't believe in taking short cuts. We will stop at no end to deliver videos that will truly help you meet every one of your brand's business and marketing objectives.

While our production time on average ranges from eight to nine weeks, it varies from project to project depending on the complexity of your requirements. We might even require an additional week or two to deliver the completed product (after taking into account any suggestions, edits, etc).

We start off by gaining clarity on your exact requirements.

After acquiring a comprehensive and concrete understanding of your needs as well as business/marketing objectives, our team sits down to brainstorm. During this phase, we think about the most artistic and imaginative approaches that will help us nail your brief.

Upon arriving at the best course of action, our video production experts get to work on bringing this idea to fruition. This process entails scripting, animating, graphics detailing, sound design, the addition of voice-overs, etc.

Following the incorporation of all edits, feedback, and suggestions, we deliver the final product!

To begin with, you will have to get in touch with our team!

After our team gets to know all your requirements and their feasibility, we will get back to you with our estimate for the entire project.

Upon your approval of the same as well as your agreement with our terms and contract, we will require 50% of the project estimate to be paid upfront. The rest can be paid upon delivery. We accept payments done via net banking. As soon as payment has been received, our team sets about bringing your video to life.

To begin with, you will have to get in touch with our team!

Of course! Many of our clients approach us with requirements for multiple videos as part of their multi-faceted advertising, marketing, and other campaigns.

It is to be noted, however, that turn around periods will also increase in the case of such projects.