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Rotoscoping - A Short Introduction For The Unacquainted

Rotoscoping (the elimination of various characters/objects/layers from raw video footage) is a ubiquitous undertaking in modern post-production that often necessitates a considerable investment of man-hours. At Massive Animations, widely recognized to be the most reliable VFX rotoscoping service in India, we undertake professional rotoscoping for high-end live-action movies through a tried and tested framework that enables our highly talented roto-artists to speed up workflow and improve their productivity.
Visual effects (VFX) in film, television and even games are created through a process called composition in the post-production industry. Individual shots are broken down into visual elements, which are then edited and combined or integrated seamlessly into the computer-generated images (CG). This process of assembling each shot from different sources requires teams of highly skilled artists working on a range of issues from -
● removing unwanted objects such as rigging;
● modifying the appearance to create a specific look;
● combining 2D live-action elements from different clips to integrate 3D elements to augment an ensemble;
● or adding digital effects.
An essential requirement of this work is that it be procedural - each effect must be shared, reviewed, and modified with multiple iterations between artists before being reproduced when rendering the final composite.
Rotoscoping is the technique used in live-action films to separate the elements of each shot and allow artists to perform these compositing tasks. Imagine a scenery augmentation where a reflection in a window is changed or a scenery extension where futuristic buildings are added in the background; both of these tasks require all foreground layers to be separated in the shot so that the background can be updated.

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The keyframe and spline-based workflow is the framework currently used by professional roto-artists in film production. A number of professional roto-artists from different post-production houses all over the globe rely entirely on this technique.

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