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Marketing and advertising agencies try desperately to make their social media ads more attractive, engaging, and unique. One impactful way in which to do this is through the use of animation in advertisements. Social media users of all ages, be they children, teenagers, or adults, go crazy for the animated characters and worlds. Animation gives free rein to the imagination. It takes the viewer into an imaginary world dreamed up by artists. Well-crafted characters like the Vodafone "ZooZoos" have a lasting impact on viewers' memory and recall. Such social media ads help a brand break through the clutter and have an actual impact on its target audience.
Animation and television have been linked since the beginning. As TV continued to grow, so did the adoption of animation as a form of advertising. The number of advertisers who take complete advantage of animation to sell their products continues to grow as more and more businesses get started with social media and online advertising. Over the years, many advertisers have favored special effects which often use some form of animation and outrageous humor. Social media transformed the Internet into a colorful and animated cyber-landscape. The era of the static banner is over. New technologies are accepted as the advertising norm. Animation and interactivity arrived just in time as banner click-through rates hit single digits. Businesses around the globe are asking the same questions -
● How to stay alive and continue to survive in the constantly evolving digital realm?
● How to engage and retain customers?
● How to improve conversion rates irrespective of the impediments created by a post-pandemic period?
At Massive Animations, we’re a social media animation video production company that helps brands answer these questions and more - about business survival and increased customer engagement in the new market conditions that are dictated by an economic downturn.
Cartoons aren't just for kids, adults love them too. Animated videos have become quite a popular digital marketing trend, especially now when customers need more help, support, and empathy. Many forward-thinking brands around the world have already unlocked the sales and marketing power of animated explainer videos for businesses. Some social media marketing experts even say that an animated explainer video is essential to a product marketing strategy.

Animation In Advertising

Advertising plays a major role in attracting target audiences. Animation is one of the easiest ways to make ads more engaging and impactful. Animation is no longer just for children but has also become popular among adults. Animated images are still an unexplored universe. It gives free rein to the imagination. It takes the viewer into an imaginary world dreamed up by artists. Advertising is one of the preferred areas of moving images. Advertisers and consumers are very attracted to animated images. Owing to its ability to show almost anything (flying people, talking animals, dancing inanimate objects), its eye-catching appeal, and relatively low cost, animation quickly became the medium preferred to advertise on television. Companies see animation as an alternative to television and commercial production, as the budget required for animation is much more cost-effective than live-action video productions. Also, animation doesn't need all the extra equipment and manpower. Therefore, marketers can save substantial amounts of money by not having to pay for production crews, equipment rental, and shoot insurance. There are also additional savings to be made by way of time-related costs. For many years the prevailing attitude was that if brands didn't have enough money, they went for animation. Rich-media ads are also a part of social media animations, we believe, as these rich-media ads also use one or another type of animation to function. Therefore, we not only offer animated TV commercial production services but also design online web banners and digital signage using various animation software.

Animation has also become popular on the Internet. Just adding animated web banners to a website makes it more interactive and engaging for visitors. Animation is so significant these days that some researchers are trying to develop a prototype for advertising professionals to produce automatic animation to move the creative words of the advertising message. Using rich media in online advertising helps break up internet clutter. Rich media ads use multimedia (eg, motion, sound, animation, interaction) and sophisticated technology that harnesses sensory traits such as video, audio, and animation. In any medium, there is a connection between the human mind, technology, and the environment that serves to immerse users. On the Internet, consumers can experience psychological states because the medium creates a sense of presence which translates into a sense of control. Brand associations in rich media are perceived more strongly than when the brand logo and slogan are exposed in traditional media. The advantage of using new and untapped media is that it reduces competition with other advertisers, and the medium also becomes a more distinctive source of communication. When discussing the aesthetic development of television in the digital age, web animations are often thought of as "TV-wannabes". It has been suggested that many people producing these Flash cartoons are reproducing a television aesthetic.
Animation is a very creative medium. Concepts that are simply too complex to be expressed in words or with illustrations can be successfully represented through animation. It allows the consumer to easily grasp the idea or concept. Animation in marketing and advertising is a means of communication in its own right. It not only has some of the identical characteristics as other visual media such as video, but it also has unique characteristics that no other marketing support can provide. When we combine the benefits of animation, it becomes apparent that animation has become a convenient and affordable alternative to video productions. There are many instances where animation will accomplish things better or cheaper than live photography. These are listed below -

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Two Reasons Why The Videos We Create At Our Social Media Animation Company Are So Effective

All The Reasons Why We Are An Effective Social Media Animation Video Production Company

The use of animation when properly designed and positioned is an important pedagogical variable to complement web-based education. Empirical proof indicates that personality and also the very presence of animated assistants plays a crucial part in user efficacy as well as anxiety. Animation is becoming an important medium in social media advertising, it is necessary to assess its impact on factors such as attention, recognition, attitude towards advertising, etc.

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How Do We As A Social Media Animation Video Production Company Create Memorable Videos

How Do We Create Memorable Social Media Videos At Our Social Media Animation Video Production Company

We've found that creating something original for a brand pays off in the long run. So we stick to originality and bring innovation. Our goal here, as a highly reputable social media animation company, is to create a masterpiece and not an animated post that's inspired by another animation or something else in pop culture.

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The Production Process We Follow At Our Social Media Animation Video Production Studio

The Production Process We Follow At Our Social Media Animation Company

In this section we try to elaborate on the process we follow at our social media animation video production company in creating world-class social media animations. These animations don't need to be full two to three hour movies, but rather snippets that are a few seconds long, consisting of just fifty frames. The four main steps we follow to create social media animations are as below -

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Where Do Most Social Media Animations Fail?

As A World Class Social Media Animation Video Production Studio, We’re Aware Of All The Reasons Why Most Social Media Videos Fail

Social media animations when executed incorrectly result in wayward results that don't even come close to meeting actual brand marketing objectives. The points below characterise such social media animations.

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The Types Of Animated Social Media Videos We Create At Our Social Media Animation Video Production Company

The Types Of Animated Social Media Videos We Create At Our Social Media Animation Company

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The Various Social Media Animation Video Styles We Produce At Our Company

The Different Styles Of Social Media Animation Videos We Create At Our Social Media Animation Video Production Company

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Why Choose Us As Your Social Media Animation Video Production Partner

Why Choose Social Media Animation Company To Partner With

Digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace. It has been noted that over seventy percent of consumers who have had a positive social media service experience with a business are more likely to recommend it to others. The dramatic changes most algorithms are undergoing have lessened the effects of traditional SEO. Thus, companies opt for other approaches. While seeking new ways to promote their brand and content, social media marketing is often considered as a feasible alternative. What used to be considered mere entertainment platforms have now become the vanguard of promotional content.
Massive Animations is a social media animation video production studio that has been a part of the movement that has improved social media marketing approaches in many ways.

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